what team?
we should be friends and watch doctor who while drinking tea in a room full of books


I want a regular family sitcom with cheap jokes and laughing tracks, which gradually get more and more disturbing until it turns to a psychological horror film with the laughing tracks still going

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Frankenstein enters into a body building competition and finds he has seriously misunderstood the objective

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Being honest may not get you a lot of friends but it’ll always get you the right ones —John Lennon (via sempiternal-sea)

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the harsh reality of our economic situation

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"you can’t ship that, that character has canon interaction with the opposite sex"

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god bless tom hiddleston

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The countries of Europe (inspired by x)

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he just became like 50% carrot

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Most of these actors are too old, some of the edits are still messy but I’m tired of staring at them on photoshop, and we’re never going to agree on houses for everyone BUT I think I should get a solid B for effort. (list of actors can be found here)

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